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Traditional Casino

Looking for more Traditional Casino Party Services? We recommend selecting the Roulette, Blackjack, & Texas Hold’Em or Stud Poker.
For your Traditional Casino Party Services you can also offer challenging games such as Craps and Pai Gow Poker. These beautiful rich wooden tables with green, maroon, or black felt tops are great for any party from a casual, small crowd to the most sophisticated of gatherings.

Each Casino Package includes clay chips, cards, a raffle drum, and raffle tickets along with dealers dressed in Black & White Attire. A Pit Boss can be added to any Casino Party to assist inexperienced players and to help cash out at the end of the event.

Most Casino events are held for 3 hours of gaming. As the guests arrive, the host will present each with Funny Money which is an oversized $25,000 bill that is customizable! Clients may add their logo or a photo of the guest of honor for a personal touch. The guest will then exchange the bill for chips at the table of their choice to kick off the night. The values of the chips are

White – $1,000
Red – $5,000
Blue – $25,000
Green/Black – $100,000

For every $25,000 in chips, it is the host’s choice to give each guests raffle tickets and to award prizes.

Our Traditional Casino Tables will always be a classic for the ultimate successful party! Book now!!

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