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Rock Walls

Tired of the same old party and event ideas?  Why not try some healthy, outdoor fun with a choice of activities that will please everyone?
Choose from several types of Rock Wall and Climbing Wall Services that fit your event needs. Offering a huge selection of portable Climbing Walls, Extreme Air Jumpers & Rock Wall Services.  Services that include includes a 26’ Rock Wall, Coconut Tree Climb, and Mobile Klime Wallz. From corporate events to private parties, our Mobile Rock and Climbing Walls are always a hit. They also make great interactive centerpieces for any occasion!

Our most recent addition is the Moblie Klime Wallz and it is unlike anything you have seen! This 3-D climbing wall stands out due to its colorful look of shades of blue and lime green with LED light features on each track. Our favorite track is the zipper section which is located in the front of the wall. This rock wall comes with three automatic belays to help climbers smoothly return back down the creative tracks!

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