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What to Wear to a Casino Themed Party

Whether you’re hosting the big event or attending a casino party with friends, you’ll need to wear the proper attire in order to fit in and have the most fun. Click here to learn what to wear to a casino themed party.

There are over 1500 casinos in North America. That number is more than double the number of casinos in any other part of the world.

Clearly, we Westerners are all about adrenaline and luck. So what could be better than a casino night party?

Whether you are hosting or are a guest, we’ve got a bunch of ideas on what to wear to a casino themed party.

Go on and grab a drink and bet it all on black!

Casino Themed Party Dress

Ladies, if you’re wondering what to wear to casino night, read on.

You can make a casino theme dress easily with items from your wardrobe. Grab your little black dress. If you have one with gold or silver embellishments, even better.

If you want a little more glam, go for a floor-length dress or skirt. Otherwise, one that skims the knees is great.

You don’t have to choose black. Think deck of cards: red and gold are also perfect options for this occasion. Add a pair of black pantyhose and high heels for maximum effect.

Casinos are all about extravagant, so keep this in mind. This evening is no time to be a wallflower! Go big or go home with your outfit and you’ll be sure to fit right in with the theme.


Once you have your dress, it’s time to add some serious bling. Choose bold, big, glittery pieces for your wrists, neck, and ears.

Don’t worry about having expensive pieces. Costume jewelry is called that for a reason. Go ahead and visit the thrift store or dollar store for some killer rhinestone pieces.

Flamboyant is the magic word for this event. You really can’t overdo it. You will look amazing posing next to the casino props at the party.

Hair and Makeup

Do your makeup darker and smokier than you normally would for a night out.

Red lipstick is a must. As well as bright blush and liquid eyeliner. False eyelashes? Bring it on!

For your hair, you have two choices. You can pin your hair up in a classy and elegant chignon. Or you can let your locks loose for a sexy look.

You can even spray some glitter on your hair and body for an authentic casino night.

You look absolutely perfect, darling! Grab a drink and smile for the camera because you will be the toast of the party.

Casino Outfits for Gentlemen

The first man that pops into mind when you think of casino attire is James Bond. You will dress to impress with an elegant tuxedo with all the trimmings.

Pleated dress shirt, cufflinks, black bow tie and sexy suspenders. Don’t forget your white pocket square.

You can rent a tux from a costume rental shop or find something suitable at a thrift store.

Another source of inspiration for your casino night outfit is puttin’ on the ritz. Shiny polished loafers, a top hat, white scarf and a cane and you are set.


You can have a lot of fun showing off your casino props. Grab some Monopoly money and roll it into a big fat wad. Make sure it’s visible sticking out of your pocket.

You could also carry a pair of brightly colored dice. Make sure to have a lucky lady blow on them for luck before you roll them on the color-changing casino tables.

You can keep a couple aces up your sleeve. Or walk around tossing a high-value chip in your hand.

Slick back your hair like Andy Garcia in Ocean’s Eleven. You can even get a fake mustache or grow one for the event for a distinguished “I have money” look.

Dressing for a Monte Carlo Casino Party

Beyond a general casino themed party, you can also get specifics on the type of casino.

The Monte Carlo casino scene is known for its glamour and affluence. There are only a few changes needed to highlight this theme. Instead of monopoly money, bring some fake Euros from the dollar store.

The clothing is like a black tie affair but with a bit more opulence. Feather boas, long dangling necklaces and feather and jewel hairpieces are all welcome. Don’t forget your gloves!

A Queen Of Hearts Casino Party

One of the most fun casino party themes is Queen of Hearts.

The Alice in Wonderland character led a legion of playing cards, making it a great idea for a casino party with poker or black jack as the centerpiece. Guests can dress in red or dress up like characters from the story. Around Halloween time this is a popular theme that guests really get into.

Las Vegas Themed Casino Night

Many of the ideas we have already talked about work well for a Las Vegas night. As they say, anything goes in Las Vegas. So don’t limit yourself to what casino guests might wear.

You can dress as a performer who has just stepped off stage and onto the Casino floor. You could be an Elvis or Michael Jackson impersonator (there are a lot of those in Vegas).

Or you can dress in a full Las Vegas showgirl costume. These are easily found for rent.

Las Vegas productions are glittery, imaginative and lavish. You will need a rhinestone-strewn bra or bodysuit and a huge headdress. A pair of panties and sheer pantyhose with high heels and you are set!

What to Wear to a Casino Themed Party

We hope you’ve enjoyed imagining the possibilities for what to wear to a casino themed party. Remember, a costume party is only as good as the effort each guest puts in.

Check out our wide selection of casino party rentals to make your next event a night to remember.