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Frisbee Fling

A 4 player disc game, similar to bean bag toss played with a disc instead of bean bags that uses teamwork to score. The object of the game is to score points as a team by throwing the disc in the goal (“can”). Instead of just throwing the disc back and forth, throw toward a target and the challenge as a teammate of redirecting an errant toss on the other end.

How to play:
Set up the goals (“cans”) (50 feet apart).
Two teams of two.
Teams take turns throwing/deflecting the disc toward the goal.
Play to 21 points.

Instant win: Throw the disc inside the can through the small front slot opening
2 points: Throw the disc to strike the can, unassisted by teammate
3 points: Teammate deflects the disc throw inside the can
1 point: Teammate deflects the disc throw to hit the can

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