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Lazer Runner Inflatable Battle Cruiser

WHAT’S THAT NOISE? Suddenly, a fiery scarlet tracer appears on your chest – somebody has you in their sights! Through the haze you spot a Battle Phaser at Point Blank range. You drop behind cover, and in a split second you’re lying face down with your finger on the trigger…pounding a shower of crimson laser rays from your Battle Phaser. You score a direct hit! The enemy’s fiber optic Battle Vest pulsates, delivering the bad news—deactivation! Their phaser is de-energized for five seconds, then the action starts over again. Includes inflatable “space ship” battle arena, approximately 1000 square feet with 5 different rooms, round doors, and places to hide. Comes with 10 vests.

36′ L x 45′ W x 15′ H
(4) 110 volt 20 amp circuits

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