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The Mermaid’s Escape Pirate Escape Room & Kraken Casino Escape Room

2-for-1 Escape Room rental! Get TWO completely different experiences with one rental for double the fun!

The Mermaid’s Escape Pirate Escape Room

In the midst of the Golden Age of Piracy, pirates, mermaids and sea creatures rule the ocean. Captain Keyhauler, a fearsome, one hooked pirate in the Caribbean, collects the rarest treasures and stores them aboard The Siren, the crown jewel of his pirate fleet. Recently, Keyhauler has captured Aria the Mermaid. As he celebrates on the pirate island of Tortuga, ye and ye crew sneak aboard in hopes of releasing the mermaid back into the sea. Can ye and ye crew set sail, chart a course and help release Aria before the Captain catches up aboard the Countess, and even faster ship?

Kraken Casino Escape Room

In the midst of a steampunk, famine ridden, futuristic time, one man holds all the power in this city. Known only as The Captain, he controls all and trusts no one. The people beg for his scraps while he and his aristocratic friends live it up a his casino called The Kraken. There are rumors of an old type of power he possesses that once almost ended civilization. With it, he will not only continue his reign of terror but he will become powerful enough to control the world.

This is our city and our lives. We cannot let this happen. We will resist and fight! We will break in The Kraken’s high security vault, find this power and destroy it! This will be dangerous as people who cross The Captain do no live to tell about it. Will you sit by and watch everything around you waste away or will you stand with The Resistance?

33′ L x 9′ W x 10′ H

(1) – 220 volt 30 amp circuit (includes Generator)

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