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Fall comes, Winter seems to stay, and then Spring energizes us. The next thing we know, it’s Memorial Day and it’s time to plan a Memorial Day Party. 

Memorial Day is a federal holiday Americans celebrate in remembrance of men and women who died while serving in the U.S military. On Memorial Day, we gather to celebrate and remember the lives of heroes who gave their life for our freedom.

Memorial Day is also a day where the community comes together. After all, it’s also the day where summer unofficially kicks-off. Many outdoor swimming pools will open for the season and barbeque grills get to make their comebacks. 

Homemade Memorial Day Hamburger Picnic with Chips and Fruit

It doesn’t hurt that most people also get an extra day off of work as well. With all this excitement that’s geared towards a good cause, we want to throw the best Memorial Day party ever. 

We want to make sure that everyone has fun, feels included, and celebrates our American heroes. We also want to promote a sense of community and belonging so that everyone is more connected. 

So, what does it take to throw the best Memorial Day party?

Read on to find out!

Planning the Best Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day is just around the corner. That means that we need to get prepared to entertain, decorate, and host. Explore the following Memorial Day party planning tips to make it the best party possible.

1. Memorial Day Decorations

Your Memorial Day decorations mantra is “America.” This means red, white, and blue will be your decoration color choices for the party. But you can also put your own spin on the patriotic theme of your party decorations.

One theme is the classic traditional patriotic flags and banners. But, if you want a more chic theme, then opt to include a little glitz and glamor in the form of glitter balloons and decorations. 

If you want a patriotic farmhouse theme, then go for toned-down shades of red, white, and blue paired with burlap, twine, and decorations portraying the American farm culture. For example, cow-shaped salt and pepper shakers, mason jars, and rooster plates.

No matter what your theme of choice is, always start with patriotic decorations. Then pair and weave in your themed decorations as much as possible. 

2. Budget

Every party needs a budget. The budget will dictate your supplies list, food and beverage choices, guest list, and location. It will also influence your Memorial Day party invitations. 

Decide in advance how much you’re willing and able to spend for your party. Then figure out how many people are coming and the supplies you’ll need as a result. Supply items include necessities such as cups, plates, and food and beverages.

If your budget is tight, then consider asking guests to bring a food dish, supplies, or drinks. You might also want to consider asking guests to bring their own chairs. 

Once you have your budget, decide which party components are the most important. This will determine where your money will best be spent and how to obtain the rest of the party essentials. 

3. Guest List

So, who is invited to your Memorial Day summer kick-off bash? Anyone and everyone who can comfortably fit into your event space! Your guest list should include family, your friends, and people you enjoy being around or want to get to know better. 

Decide in advance if you want your party to be an adults-only affair or if children are allowed to come as well. If children are coming, then it’s important to have activities that will keep them entertained. There should also be kid-friendly foods, too. 

4. Location, Location, Location

The location of your Memorial Day party could be at your home, a rented space, or at a park. It could also be a joint neighborhood party for larger gatherings. 

What’s important when selecting a space is that it fits into your budget and allows you and your guests to have a great time. If you just installed new, white carpet and are worried about kids spilling their drinks on it, then your home may not be the best location for your party. 

Your location should also be able to seat and host your guests comfortably. The weather will likely be warm, so it’s also important that people can escape the heat from time to time. 

5. Activities 

Now is the fun part! It’s time to choose activities for your Memorial Day party. 

Memorial Day is all about having fun and honoring heroes. It’s a time when people come together and want to enjoy one of the first outdoor parties of the season. Since the party will be outdoors, the possible activities are endless. 

First, consider which activities would be most entertaining for kids. Bounce houses, blow-up slides, and airbrush tattoos are all great ideas. Other great activities for kids are rock climbing walls and balloon artists. 

Activities for adults could include bumper cars, caricatures, or celebrity impersonators. Classic sports and outdoor games like cornhole, beer pong, and Twister are also great ideas. 

6. Food & Beverage

Food and beverage for your Memorial Day party will be centered around American classics. American classics can vary from more expensive to relatively cheap, so consult your budget to find the best matches. 

Some more expensive American classics include barbeque ribs, roasted chicken, or a hog roast. Less expensive options are hamburgers, hotdogs, or deli sandwiches. Great sides for the occasion could be macaroni and cheese, chips, and/or potato salad. 

Beverages for your party should always include standard options like pop, water, and tea. These options are suited for all guests and will make sure that everyone gets a nice cold beverage. 

For alcoholic beverages, consider going festive and creating a signature cocktail for the big day. You could also try to incorporate a red, white, and blue theme to your bar and alcoholic beverages. It’s also a good idea to provide standard alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. 

If you don’t want to purchase all the alcohol then consider asking your guests to bring their drink of choice. This will help your budget and make sure that everyone has their favorite drink in hand.

7. Party Layout

Lastly, you’ll need to consider how the party will be set up. There needs to be a space for sitting, standing and socializing, and a spot to escape from the heat and sun. There also needs to be enough chairs for everyone. 

You should also consider where activities will be placed, where the bar will be located, and where the food will be served. 

Only the Best for Your Memorial Day Party

For your Memorial Day party, you and your guests deserve only the best. Have fun planning your party and get excited about seeing your friends and family no matter what your budget is. 

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