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Planning a party is difficult, especially when you did not plan in advance! Follow this guide to amusement ride rentals to budget an amazing event.

The average parent spends $28,000 on children’s birthday parties by the time they are twenty-one years old.

Whether your kids are big or little, you know the importance of a party well thrown. It will leave both parents and kids feeling that you are a creative, generous parent who knows how to bring people together.

Modern birthday parties are about more than cupcakes and ice cream. Drive-ins, arcade games, and amusement ride rentals can all be part of the fun.

How can you bring the action into your backyard? Here are some ideas!

1. Do A Little Homework

Your party will not be memorable if you do not have something unique to offer. You can rent water slides, stuff-a-bear games, and even an ice skating rink!

Even if you don’t start planning until a few weeks before the party, call up vendors and ask about prices. Let them know what your budget is like, and what you can afford as a downpayment. You may be surprised at what is available!

Be sure to arrange for drop-off and pick-up. Most rental companies will set up equipment for you so all you have to do is provide the cake and punch.

2. Come Up With A Theme

Your theme will inform the games that you will have at your party, as well as any activities and favors. You may want to have a tea party, or a black and white party, or a disco party. Get your child involved in the decision to heighten enthusiasm.

Much will depend upon the age of your child. A nine-year-old girl, for example, will flip for an LED dance floor. Foam parties are easy and safe for younger kids. Then use these activities to come up with a theme that will highlight them.

Your theme can help create an original goodie bag for the end. Action figures, for example, will work for a character party. You can also have kids decorate their own favors, such as T-shirts and balloon animals.

3. Create Invitations

You can pick up stock party invitations in grocery stores, or even the dollar store. Make sure you include the party’s start and end time, as well as an RSVP number and deadline.

Be sure to mention any kind of entertainment and meals that will be provided. Make a special note if kids need to bring something special, such as a swimsuit and towel.

If your school allows kids to hand out invitations in class, be sure to invite all boys or all girls in order to avoid hurt feelings. Otherwise, have your kids help you fill them out and put them in the mail. E-mails and texts are less formal, but this type of invite will work in a pinch.

The number of kids you invite will depend on the type of party you are throwing. If you are playing a lot of team games, an even number of class friends will work great. If, however, you are throwing a sleepover, you may only want to invite a few guests.

4. Get Some Food

If your party is being planned at the last minute, food may be easier than you think. An afternoon party with a carnival ride works great with pizza. You don’t have to order this until the day before, but be sure to confirm the delivery on the morning of the party.

Microwave popcorn will also add to the carnival theme.

If you are having a summer party, an ice cream cake can be picked up at your local creamery with your child’s name on it. You can also visit the bakery at your grocery store. If you are looking for something more unique, you may need to order it from a stand-alone bakery a week ahead of time.

Choose foods that are easy to serve, clean up, and eat. Hot dogs in paper sleeves and sandwiches cut into cookie-cutter shapes let guests know they are having something special.

Kids can get involved with making their own meals during the party, and it is a great way to do another activity and get creative! Older children, for example, may want to top their English muffin pizzas. Or they can decorate cupcakes for dessert.

5. Get Some Help

You may be surprised at how busy you get during party time pouring drinks and getting snacks. An extra hand may be necessary.

Make sure your spouse is around to help or think about seeing if your babysitter is available. You will not regret asking about an hour into the party when someone spills soda and the clown wants to know where to set up!

6. Decorate

Decorating does not have to be elaborate to be fun. Set off the party area with streamers and tie some balloons to the front stoop. A “Happy Birthday” banner or photo collage will make your space look splashy and festive in no time.

Just before your party starts, set out food and drinks and turn the music on. Set out plates, silverware, candles, and matches so you will not be searching for them once the party starts.

Make sure you have a table ready for gifts. Get out a notepad and pen so you can keep track of the givers when you write thank-you notes.

Parties With Amusement Ride Services

Last-minute parties become world-class celebrations with amusement ride rentals. With the right theme, food, and decorations, guests will be talking about your event for years to come.

For more information, request a quote today.