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7 Tips for Encouraging Wedding Reception Dancing

Looking for ways to ensure your wedding reception is off the hook? Here are seven tips for encouraging lively wedding reception dancing on your big day.

On average, engaged couples spend two hours a week planning their wedding.

Of course, you want every detail to be just right from the food to the flowers and everything in between. But have you thought about making sure your guests enjoy your wedding reception dancing?

Read on for our top seven tips for how to get people dancing at weddings for a party to remember!

1. Get Your Family and Bridal Party to Help

During the reception, there are several transitions. For example, after the father-daughter dance or after cutting the cake.

You can ask your bridal party and family members to lead the way onto the dance floor after certain transitions. That way, other guests know they can join in too.

Having the DJ invite everyone to the dance floor can be intimidating for shy guests. If it is more natural, it may be easier for some to join in.

2. Create a Floor Plan Conducive to Dancing

Dancing at weddings can be the highlight of the day or it can be a total flop. A too-big dance floor is intimidating for your guests and will look empty. Yet if the dance floor is too small, there won’t be room for guests to bust a move.

Be sure your floor plan is right for your guest list. You can also lure more guests to the dance floor with an LED dance floor rental.

3. Trust Your DJ

It can be tempting to give your DJ a playlist that he or she must stick to. But, the best thing you can do to get people dancing at a wedding is let your DJ does their job.

Sure, you can give your DJ some guidance. But a good DJ will know how to read your crowd and keep them dancing.

Remember, it is important to be flexible with your music selections. Even though it is your special day, you want your guests to have fun, right?

So give your DJ no more than 10 songs you must absolutely have at your wedding reception. Then, let him or her do their job.

Also, you can set up a station for requests or even set up a wedding website for song requests ahead of time.

4. Dim the Lights

To get more people on the wedding dance floor, go ahead and turn the lights down low.

Dancing in public in a brightly lit room isn’t most people’s favorite thing to do. Full lighting can deter many of your guests from joining in.

So even though your photographer and wedding planner will want the lights on bright for pictures, it doesn’t set the right mood for dancing at weddings.

So take the pictures and then kill the lights and get ready to shake it with your guests.

5. Engage the Audience

A great DJ can make dancing at weddings even more fun for your guests. With funny hats, maracas and various games, everyone is sure to have fun.

If you have a band, tell them it’s great if they can mingle with the crowd. Grandma will love dancing with the keyboard player, trust us!

Another subtle way to make sure your dance floor is full is to offer flip flops, colorful socks or flat shoes for your female guests.

Achy feet and dancing don’t go well together. Be sure everyone can dance the night away by providing comfortable footwear.

6. Think About Timing

The worst thing you could do when the wedding dancing is in full swing is to clear the floor for cake cutting, toasts or bouquet tossing.

Ideally, you want to do everything else first and then have an uninterrupted dance session afterward. Pausing the dancing can crush the momentum.

You might cut your cake in between dinner courses before the dancing gets going. If you care more about a good dance than stuffy traditions, you might want to skip the garter and bouquet toss.

7. Set the Example By Hitting the Dance Floor

No one can resist joining a smiling bride and groom on the dance floor. If you are in the center of the dance floor, others are sure to flock to you guys to celebrate your wedding with you.

In order to get the most wedding reception dancing possible, be sure to mingle with each table during dinner. Perhaps during the salad course after the toasts.

That way, you are ready to get the party rolling once the music starts.

Keep in mind that if you are having fun, your guests will pick up on your energy and join in. Happiness and fun are contagious after all!

Bonus Tip: Trick ’em with a Group Pic

If you want a sneaky way to fill up your dance floor, this is it.

After the specialty dances, ask all your guests to come to the dance floor for a group photo with the happy couple. Then, have the DJ play a fun, upbeat song. Chances are, many of those on the dance floor will stay!

Enjoy Your Wedding Reception Dancing

Thanks for reading. We hope these tips on how to kick off your wedding reception dancing help you plan an unforgettable party for your closest family and friends.

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