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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Photo Booth For Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding day will be one to remember for decades to come. That’s why you need a photo booth for your wedding reception. Click here to learn a few reasons why a photo booth is the perfect accessory for your wedding.

You’ve spent a lot of time to make sure your wedding is perfect. Everything planned down to the last minute, you want it all to be flawless. The dress, the food, the reception, you want your guests to enjoy themselves.

A fun feature that is very popular is a photo booth for wedding reception guests. While they have managed to keep up with changing technology, their appeal remains as strong as ever.

A photo booth at your reception is a great idea for several reasons. It’s a nice nostalgic feeling for the older folks and a fun activity to engage the young people. If you are considering renting one, here’s a few reasons why you should.

Retro Party set Glasses, hats, lips, mustaches, masks for design photo booth party wedding funny pictures
Photo booth accessories and props make for great pictures during the reception.

Photo Booth for Wedding Reception

Set it up in the corner and it runs itself. It’s fun for all ages and almost everyone will take more than one picture.

1. Keepsake

What a fun way to preserve the day, in a more personal way. Yes, you will have a photographer and people will take their own pictures of the day, but the photo booth pictures are unique.

While the old film booths are still available, you can also go digital. You still get an instant photograph to keep and share. Almost all of our pictures are digital and put on social media, without ever printing them out.

This way, people have something right away, they can have in their wallet, put up on their wall or tuck in their dresser mirror, to admire every day.

2. Fun

The photo booth is fun. It allows people to get close to each and mug and pose and it’s just fun and funny. People seem to come alive in a booth, it loosens them up, somehow.

The pictures come out more expressive and people will go back for more with different people. It’s a great way to mingle, meet the new in-laws and have a few pictures taken.

You went to a lot of trouble to get yourself all prettied up, you do want as many pictures of that as possible. Get in there and smile!

3. Bring People Together

Milling around the buffet table, elbow on the bar. People are often uncomfortable at weddings. Feh, go have family, am I right? What better way to get Aunt Helen close to Cousin Reg!

Maybe you’ve had your eye on bridesmaid number three. Ask her if she wants to take a picture with you. You never know, maybe it will be your wedding next!

A couple of fun picture and all the family feuds are forgotten. At least until Christmas when the whole ‘yams’ things raise its ugly head. But for now, Say Cheese!

4. Customize Photos

You can add a specific background for your guests. There are apps that are included, or you can just add pictures of the happy couple, the date of the wedding or a specific background to make the pictures more special.

You can also have dialogue bubbles, old-time backdrops and include some props to get your guests to engage in some fun role-playing. You can bring items suited to your wedding theme and colors, to add some fun to the pictures.

5. Use in Your Wedding Album

You have access to all the photos taken so you can use them in your photo album. You may want to make more than one. It’s a nice alternative to a traditional photo album, which you can also have.

There should be a second one, just for fun. You can include all the goofy shots, the one where Aunt Helen actually sat down with Cousin Reg, even if it took a few voddy and tonics to get her there.

It’s the perfect fun album that will guarantee lots of smiles and laughs for years to come. The traditional pictures are great, but there is just something more fun about candid, photo booth shots.

6. Online Accessibility

You have access to all the photos online, which is great. There may be some you want to print out, and a few of them that need never see the light of day. You can upload them all to sort through for later use and bribery.

It’s a great idea of someone lost theirs or wants copies of the ones with Aunt Helen and Cousin Reg. You can use them for your Christmas cards, get them on your social media and have some put together as collages and gifts for others.

This is a really great feature, as you don’t have to worry about getting permission for the prints and it’s all included for the same price. The perfect way to share, keep and save pictures of your big day.

7. No Telltale Selfies

Next to the selfie in the mirror where all you see is flash and a toilet in the background, the selfie arm and duck lips are annoying. No matter how hard people try to make the picture candid, it’s not.

The photo booth is the ultimate selfie machine. Both arms and hands can be in the shot, duck lips optional. We suggest you go with the duck lips. it is a wedding, after all.

The booth can take as many pictures as you like and in as many poses as you can decently do in the size of booth provided. Arms around your family instead of reaching out in front of you to find the perfect angle for a shot.

Pics or it Didn’t Happen

There is no shortage of cameras at weddings, but trying to capture candid moments can be a challenge. People taken by surprise often have awkward looks on their faces or instinctively cover their face.

The photo booth for wedding reception use allows your guests to choose their candid moment. If they don’t like the pictures, they can take another one. This way everyone is happy with the results.

The professional photographers can get the pictures they need, let the photo booth take care of the fun ones. If you need more information or would like a quote, please contact us here.