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6 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Children’s Christmas Party

The holidays are a magical season, especially for the little ones. Learn how to organize the perfect children’s christmas party with our tips and tricks!

So you’re giving your little ones and their pals the gift of a Christmas party this year. Party planning can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help with a full guide packed with all the party planning hacks.

Keep reading for everything you need to know to have the best Children’s Christmas party yet.

1) Bring Out The Sweets and The Creativity

One of the best things about the holiday season is all the yummy treats that come with it. At your holiday party, set up a sugar cookie decorating table. Make cookies ahead of time, or pick them up from your favorite bakery. Shapes like Christmas trees, reindeers, bells and stockings are sure to bring out the kiddos creative side.

Set out yummy decorations, such as multi-colored frostings (just use food dye!), m&ms, and sprinkles. Another fun table to set up is a gingerbread house making area that kids can bring home with them. For younger kids, set up pre-made houses that they can decorate.

Get cute kid-sized aprons to make sure the mess stays off your little chefs!

2) Bring Out The Games

Interactive Christmas themed games can get the kids working together. Games like pin the tail on the reindeer can be an easy set up that you can buy from any party store. Carol karaoke is another great way to get kids in the holiday spirit! Set up prizes for the kids brave enough to try it!

You can also get out notebooks, colored pencils, stickers, glitter and other decorations for a “Letter to Santa” station. Make a mailbox that says “North Pole” on it, and tell the kids to write a personalized letter to Santa that you will send off for them.

Christmas bingo is another easy game that kids of all levels can participate in. Instead of using bingo chips, let the kids use yummy festive sweets like peppermints or Hershey kisses that they can eat after!

3) Hire Amazing Entertainers

If you really want to bring the party up a notch, hire an entertainer so that you can bring Frosty the Snowman or Santa Clause himself to the party! Kids will love this exciting addition, and it will create a great photo op that the kids can bring home with them. Hire one of our entertainers today to make your party exciting and interactive.

4) DIY Christmas Themed Snacks

With so much going on, the kids are sure to be hungry, so make sure you have all the festive and delicious snacks at the ready! If you want to make unique treats yourself, try this recipe for reindeer puppy chow! It’s so easy and delicious, and can also be a great treat to include in the kid’s goody bags.

A healthy snack idea is Grinch kabobs. You just stack a grape, a banana slice, and a strawberry topped with a mini marshmallow on a kabob stick. This creates a fruity and delicious treat that resembles the Grinches’ head!

Hot cocoa is also always a Christmas must! Set up a large thermos of hot cocoa with marshmallows for topping, and candy canes for stirring.

5) Kid Christmas Craft Stations

Setting up craft tables for the kids is fun for them and brings out their artistic side. It also makes sure the kids have something nice to bring home with them that they’ve made all themselves. They can even give it to relatives for a Christmas gift!

A thoughtful and fun gift the kids can make are Christmas tree cards using their hands. The kids can trace their hands, and with the help of an adult, cut them out. They can put them on a card and then decorate them with gems or markers.

You can also set up a bare mini Christmas tree that the kids can decorate. Set up a garland making station with popcorn and cranberries. You can also have an ornament making station with clear ornaments.

You can set up a picture station with a backdrop and props that kids can take pictures with on a polaroid. They can then put their tiny pictures inside thier ornaments along with other decorations like glitter.

Leave out metallic markers so that kids can write little messages on the outside, or on the white section of the polaroid itself such as “Merry Christmas 2019!” or “Merry Christmas Grandma!”. This creates a special gift for any family member that the kids will love that they were able to make themselves.

6) Transform the Space into a Winter Wonderland

Make everyone feel like they’re in the North Pole by transforming your home into a winter wonderland. We’re talking about all the Christmas music and festive decorations.

If you want to really impress your quest, rent out one of our synthetic ice skating rinks. If you have a big enough space at home, these rinks can be installed indoors. If not, rent out an event space! This is a great way to get everyone ice skating and having fun, without the chill, as our rinks are ice-free!

Decorative lighting and set up are all included so that you can provide stress-free fun!

Host The Best Children’s Christmas Party Of The Year!

Make this year’s children’s Christmas party one your child, their friends, and their parents can all enjoy with these awesome tips and tricks!

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