Game Show Mania

This is one of our most popular extras and a big hit with almost any crowd.¬†¬†Game Show Mania is a fun interactive game just like on TV! It’s the “Ultimate Trivia Experience”! Game Show Mania is a game designed for live performance interaction. In general, the idea is to have the audience participate by becoming contestants in a live game show. This will create an atmosphere that is both fun and educational for the contestants and the audience. The game show subjects consists of, but are not limited to current events, cultural trivia, historical trivia, musical trivia, television/movie trivia, and other trivia specific to a particular person, business, or industry. The game is set up to your own tastes and preferences for the specific situation and audience. This game is designed to be fast-paced, exciting, and fun for everyone, including the host.

Additional Information

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