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Fantasy World currently only operates on the East Coast Of the United States,
Maine To Florida, and EAst Of the MissiSSIPPi River
We Conduct Drug Testing
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Jamestown, New York Christmas Party
Jamestown New York Christmas Party

4th Of July - Kennedy Center
Fantasy World - 4th Of July - Kennedy Center

Blue Crabs Stadium
Blue Crabs Stadium

UMD Monte Carlo Night At The Melon Art Gallery
Monte Carlo Night At The Melon Art Gallery

New York City Summer Streets - As Seen On Good Morning America
Brooks Grady, Courtney Grady and Sam Champion Good Morning's Weather Man

Fantasy World and Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

Fantasy World Entertainment provides attractions for the White House.

Fantasy World Entertainment provided attractions for America's Premier Party at Donald Trump's private club "Mar-a-Lago" in Palm Beach, Florida. Click the image above to see photos from this event.

Fantasy World Entertainment's attractions pulled customers off the street and into Palm Beach Lincoln-Mercury Group's new Palm Beach Mitsubishi.  Fantasy World attractions proved and will continue to prove a successful sales strategy at any dealership!

Fantasy World Entertainment provides casino entertainment for a holiday party.
Craps Table photo  Texas Hold'em Table photo  Blackjack Table photo

2004 Continental Tire Bowl
Football Challenge photo  Tiki Mountain photo  Extreme Air photo

Penn State on July 4th. Naval Academy cadets enjoy Fantasy World's Lazar Tag.
Penn State photo
Naval Academy photo

Calverton School Banquet

Constellation 2009

Hampshire Neighborhood Community Event


Vegas Night



Constellation 2011


South Beach Casino