Inflatable Drive In Movie Screen Rental
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Fantasy World provides inflatable outdoor movie screen rentals for your next outdoor or indoor gathering. It's the perfect movile theatre, just don't forgot the popcorn.

Inflatable Outdoor Drive-In Movie Screen
Drive In Movie Rentals
Drive In Movie Rental Inflatable Inflatable Outdoor Movie Rental Outdoor Movie Screen

Relive the good old days of the Drive-in-Movie
with our 18'x24' (viewable screen) inflatable movie screen.

Projects from the rear of the screen for more audience room!

Setup almost anywhere ..
Parking Lots - Dormatory Quads - Field Houses
Student Unions - Pool Areas - Gymnasiums - etc.
*Also a 10 1/2’x14’ Screen Available
For Indoor Settings

Front and Rear Digital Video Projector movie screen. High powered professional audio system. Music videos for before movie and at intermission. Cartoons also available.