Popcorn Rentals
Fantasy World currently only operates on the East Coast Of the United States,
Maine To Florida, and EAst Of the MissiSSIPPi River
We Conduct Drug Testing
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Captain Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp Impersonator
James Bond and the Golden Girls
James Bond, the Golden Girls and Austin Powers
Lucille Ball
Elvis Impersonators Sarah Palin
Elvis Impersonators
Sarah Palin
Ballon Artists
Clowns Face Painter
Fire Dancers
Hula Dancers
Celebrity Impersonators
Puppet Shows
Stilt Walkers
Santa Claus
Easter Bunny
Fire Eaters
Elvis Impersonators
Fortune Teller
Other Entertainers Include Hypnotists, Comedians, Live Bands, Ventriloquists, Super Hero's and more!!!