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Duck, Dodge, Run...enjoy the fun and excitement of Lazer Tag and your next party.

Lazer Runner Battle Cruiser (Lazer Tag)
Lazer Runner Battle Cruiser
Lazer Runner Battle Cruiser
Lazer Runner Battle Cruiser
WHAT’S THAT NOISE? Suddenly, a fiery scarlet tracer appears on your chest - somebody has you in their sights! Through the haze you spot a Battle Phaser at Point Blank range. You drop behind cover, and in a split second you’re lyingfacedown with your finger on the trigger...pounding a shower of crimson laser rays from your Battle Phaser. You score a direct hit! The enemy’s fiber optic Battle Vest pulsates, delivering the bad news — deactivation! Their phaser is de-energized for five seconds, then the action starts over again. Includes inflatable“space ship” battle arena, approximately 1000 square feet with 5 different rooms, round doors, and places to hide. Comes with fog machine and 10 vests.
36' X 45' X 15'
4 - 110 volt 20 amp